k a t i e  e d w a r d s

v i s u a l  a r t i s t


born in england, uk - based in sydney, australia 


self-taught emerging abstract artist katie edwards is inspired by the places she travels to + the landscape she sees. using a palette of pastels and flourescents, she works impasto-style using acrylic on canvas to create layer upon layer of texture and colour. katie’s pieces fill a room with joy, wonder and excitement - reflective of how painting makes her feel.

e x h i b i t i o n s 

g r o u p


collective art show - van gogh art gallery (madrid, spain)


brussels art fair - brussels expo palais 1 (brussels, belgium)


raw australia evoke - orion centre, campsie (sydney, australia)

u p c o m i n g


the other art fair - the cutaway, barangaroo (sydney, australia)